Thursday, 22 January 2015

Social Media in Education

Social media plays an important role in education. To see the effect of social media in education freedom should be given to the teachers to use social media to adopt modern technologies to improve the way of teachings and also give freedom to students to use social media to engage with teachers.
Most of the universities and education departments use social media to show their course and to attract the student’s attention. To see and observe the effect of social media in education you should observe how much students are engaged with different social networks.


First ask to your students that what would they like, lecture of teachers in the classroom or video of the same lecture in your computer. It is obvious that students prefer the lecture that they have on their computer because they can rewind the video of lecture on computer but not in the classroom.  Students can’t ask the teacher to repeat the lecture more than a limited number. So it is the best way of teaching in which you can pause the lecture when you want and can write some important points of the lecture. For video lectures YouTube social site is used.


Teachers and students can make their own learning network with the help of twitter. With the help of these learning networks teachers and students can communicate with those people in the world who help them in their learning and teaching experience.


Teachers use instagram to share information and connect with students and other teachers. Instagram give the opportunity to the educators to share information with other students and educators and to engage the students with one another in all over the world.


Facebook is very important and famous among people because facebook based on real names and identities so connections on facebook are also real.  On facebook communication with teachers is very easy and students can engage with each other and also with teachers at large scale.

So we can say that social media play an important role in education to engage the students and to share the information. Social media in education provides the teachers opportunities to use modern techniques to improve the teaching methods. 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Social Media Guidelines

We all know that world’s biggest information and online communication source is social media. So we can say that these are the social media guidelines which provide us a lot of information and strong communication with others. These social media guidelines are made such that these guidelines help you in making strong decisions when you are creating or posting to social networks or on other social media.
These social media guidelines are provide you basic principles about using all types of social media. These social media guidelines can be used in professional as well as personal way.

Basic principles about these social media guidelines are as follows.

  • Always remember that your post is a big source of information for others so always post that thing of common sense that leave a good impact on others. 
  • Not post the wrong or false statements. If you feel that you make something wrong then correct it quickly without wasting any time. 
  • While posting any statement on social media you have to behave in respectful and sensible way. 
  • Keep the company’s information confidential. Not share all the things about your company and try to keep business rules and information secret such as list of customers, sales information and about price of products. 
  • Social media sites and accounts can be hacked by the hackers on your computer or mobile device.  You have to minimize the security risks to remain safe from hackers. 

Social media guidelines for professional and personal use are different.  Professionally, If you want to start your business with social media then you should make your official website for the marketing of your products and service.  Always remember that your site and posts represent your company.  Always try that not delete your comments because these comments are the important parts of your conversions.  Personally, you can use social media guidelines to increase your information and build strong communication with others.

So we can say that social media guidelines help us to use social media basically, professionally and personally. 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Internal Marketing Plan

In an internal marketing plan employees are treated as internal customers who must convinced and show the company’s vision to the external customers. The basic aim of internal marketing plan is to describe every aspect of company’s internal operation to customers. If a company work in standardized way then that company can deal more consistently with their customer.
Internal marketing plan is based on the customer’s attitude towards company and their product. It also based on the experience of the company. It means when a customer interact with an employee then in what way the employee tried to satisfy their customer. Satisfaction of a customer depends on the performance of the company’s employee. So with the help of internal marketing plan strong communication can be build between company’s employee and customers. In internal marketing plan employee’s big responsibility is to share the necessary information with the customers.  
Every company rather they start business on large scale or on small scale, they have internal marketing plan for the projection of company’s goals and vision. It is also necessary to train the employee so that they meet their customers with a smile on their face and to satisfy the customers.
Internal marketing is one of the most important marketing so to adopt an internal marketing a company must develop an internal marketing plan. First step is to identify your goals which you want to get from internal marketing plan. The main thing in plan is to increase the awareness of new products and services among the customers. If you decide your goals then the next step is to develop a plan through which you can meet with your goals. Before that the work is done on the plan employees of the company are trained according to the goals of a company.  This is very important because internal marketing plan focus on creating awareness about the products and on employee’s efforts.

When the plan is put on action then all the focus is on the point that rather the goals are fulfilled and efforts are successful or not. If yes then your plan is successful and if not then you need to bring some changes in your internal marketing plan

Thursday, 15 January 2015

What Is Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is one of the most important marketing. To put in action interactive marketing it is necessary to know what is interactive marketing. Interactive marketing is based on the preference of customers so that marketers produce more messages. Interactive marketing produces two way dialogues between a company and its customer. In interactive marketing customer is invited to get the feedback from them. Customers show their online preference and give feedback which is used by the marketers to guide and improve advertising effort.
Interactive marketing gives many advantages then all other marketing. The basic advantage is cost. Online advertising is of low cost then television, radio or print ads. Most companies always want to get the better result of advertising at low cost. The second advantage is online activities leave great amount of information for their customers.
Not only for companies is interactive marketing also beneficial for customers.  Interactive marketing gives the opportunity to customers to engage with the company and produce their favorite products and brands.
When you know that what is interactive marketing then the first step is to build a website for marketing. It is the cheap and easy way to develop online presence.  Larger companies used interactive marketing because larger companies can build more expensive websites, designs or ads. But small companies can do the same thing but in low expense. Most companies use interactive marketing in creative way. They use different kinds of media for pictures and to make the ad more unique.

After knowing that what is interactive marketing now you have to make the campaigns to make the interactive marketing more successful.  For this purpose a company must know about customer data that who is the customer, what he wants and what products he liked most. If a company should know each and every thing about their customers and their interest then it is easy for company to fulfill the demands of customers. So we can say that interactive marketing is very important for any company or business. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Integrated Marketing Campaign

Integrated marketing strategy is that strategy that shows the significance of multi dimensional brand experience for customer.  It means that each brand use same effort across television, radio, print and internet to present their brands message. Integrated marketing is done by means of multi sources like television, radio and internet. This way of marketing is more and more important because media play very effective role in lives of common man. Every day so many advertisements are hit on media so that only famous and useful brands stand out memorable.
Consistency in integrated marketing strategy does not means there is deficiency of creativity.  Integrated marketing strategy is very important for any business. Strategy is first made by the team. Integrated marketing strategy is done by that team who work behind the scenes to raise the voice for brand. Integrated marketing strategy is done across multiple media. In this strategy marketers target the specific audience. In this strategy marketers should care about the data behind the marketing campaigns. You should advertise to other businesses.
Most of the companies and businesses use integrated marketing campaigns in their strategy and reach large amount of people through television and internet.  Not only large companies but small companies also used integrated marketing strategy. So we can say that doing integrated marketing strategy is very competitive for sales. Most of the companies improve their ads after some time because they want to increase their purchases. Their all ads like of television, radio and internet shows their customers that they are taking interest in knowing what type of products customers want to purchase.

In integrated marketing strategy mostly those advertisements are used that are repeated in every media. To develop a strong integrated marketing strategy you should focus on product, features and guaranty of products and on your customers. If you know about the customer and their liking about the product then it is easy to improve your effort and strategy. Marketing team should know how to implement their integrated marketing strategy for the better result of strategy. 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Game Based Marketing

All we know that people always need something of entertainment in their free time. Entertainment may be of any type like songs, movie, cartoons and games also. Games are very popular to entertain the people of any age like children, young and even old. In these days people used to play games in free time in their smart phones.  These games allow the gamers to enter in new universe to engage themselves with new stories, sounds and sights. We know these days the quantity of people who play games are increasing day by day because of the quality of games are improved.
Game based marketing is the type of marketing due to which advertisers can promote their products and business through games. Game based marketing permits the advertisers to pay to advertise their names and product features in digital games. For example racing games are used to feature the real cars. Advertisers should be creative to integrate ads into games. Game based marketing is very effective and adventures for the creative marketers.
Game based marketing give a number of advantages to advertise in video games. The advertising in video games should be suitable and creative rather than bombarding gamers with logos. In this way the gamers may be irritated with ads. Some advertisers develop their own games for the purpose of marketing. Some advertisers develop the games by scenes of favorite movies. This type of marketing should be more impressive than any other marketing.
Actually game based marketing is a strategy used by major corporations. But mostly game based marketing is used by the small or midsized business. Advertisers make their contracts and agreements with game developers. But as the industries grow and level of advertising also improves, soon game based marketing is used by all sized companies.
Like all other marketing ways game based marketing is also planed first before action. It is easy to place ads in already existing games instead of designing new games. The most important step of game based marketing is to select right game for right product.  Game based marketers research what type of products are more liked by the customers and then find what games they most liked to play.
The marketers who design their own games then they should keep the balance between product features and game type. After selecting the games ads are placed. Usually ads are linked with pages where customers can purchase products and can get information about products.

So we can say that game based marketing is very interesting and creative way to promote business and products. 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Industrial Marketing Management

The business to business marketing management is also called industrial marketing management. It makes the strong communication and sales between two businesses by providing the different kinds of goods and services. Due to the industrial marketing management relationship between two or more companies can be made stronger by sharing their most wanted products.  With the help of industrial marketing management companies and businesses can be known about those products that are very famous among customers.
Most of the companies make such type of products that the some individuals are unable to buy that’s why  these products are sold to those companies which make the other products on large scale by using the products of first company. Industrial marketing management develops some special marketing techniques to make the strong relationship between two or more companies. The best example of industrial marketing management in which communication and sale among two companies are promoted is furniture business. Furniture maker companies make the tables and chairs than this furniture also used in other companies and businesses.
This can also happened when you start your business and you don’t have such support of many clients then for the initial support of your business and products you can share your company’s products to other company and business. Other companies can also help you by sharing the links to promote your products to their customers.
The development of industrial marketing management strategy is the same as any kind of marketing plan. The producer must be aware of such type of products that can give the benefit to company or business. This is the basic thing to start the business and to focus the marketing plan. Next thing is you must have strong online presence and fame. When you start to get feedback of you clients online then you shall be familiar with the interest of your customers.

So we can say that industrial marketing management help you to progress your business and products on large scale by making strong communication with other businesses or companies.