Saturday, 30 August 2014

Social Media Impact On Teenagers

Social Media Networks Impact On Teenagers
Social media is one of the most advanced method of getting latest news and different notifications and information. It has a great impact on teenagers as well. Different kinds of blogs and information websites are available on the worldwide source of connectivity. Any of the social media sites which allows any teen to get a bunch of information which can engage all of his time in that direction. There are lots of websites including Facebook MySpace and twitter. Which we use to get information of people all around the globe. Different video sites are available on the internet such as YouTube and daily motion which also allows the teens to get a bunch of information of the people all around the globe. These kinds of websites allow everyone to have entertainment and different kinds of information on any kind of topic revolving in the earth. The parents should be aware of the sites being used by their children and teens. There are also different illegal websites which also not just damage the internal soul of the teenagers but also enhances their illegal demands. Through social media the teenagers can do there any task easily and affirmatively. One of the best uses of social media is to be connected with your family members and friends too. Social media is also used for different a educational purpose which also enhances a teen’s brain and they can easily work and get tons of information just sitting by the side of their computer. Facebook is the best opportunity which allows you to connect yourself to your known ones. Teens can also gather tons of health information’s and news from different websites on a social network. It also consumes your time and gets a brief amount of information on your topic you are searching on. There are disadvantages of social media that of a person shows all his updates on a social network then it can be a lack of information or it does not have that kind a privacy one of the teen should need. Many of the parents do say that 13 years is one of the best ages of a student or a teen to use a social media network because different kind of bad things are also on the internet which ruins all of the brains of teens. After all, social media networks are in the veins of every person in the world including teenagers inside as well.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Social Media


     First of all the question arises that how do we use social media? Then as explained that social media is integrated in everyone’s life due to which it has great importance in everyone’s life. It is integrated because of its uses upon which we gets breaking news, commentaries on different issues and it signals on the topic which really matters the most in the preferable city or country or in the globe. One of the term named as Topsy is used in Google which is described as the kings of social media. It gives all daily information’s and it also digs it really deeper in the portion of interests. Twitter is also involved in the social media which also allows us to get preferable news by everyone using it. Everyone on it has his own account through which a social media is produced. New and different information can be exhale from one another. Facebook is also one of the uses and the new technology of social media and get easy access to the new information from the direct access of worldwide source of connecting people known as internet. There are multiple social media platforms which can easily consume your time and give brief information easily at home. Social media is one of the best resources of finding and tracking your known ones. It really benefits every person and its uses are just awesome. Newels is another tool of social media through which notified emails are easily accessed. Different benefits of social media include the news articles which are a big source of giving information of every country every city or even giving information and new notification of the entire world. Buffer has also been a big step of social media nowadays. It is really easy and allows you to browse any general post throughout the world just by clicking it. Each post mentioned at that social media post contains a unique area and a short URL which easily allow us to see how much clicks we have through the world on that news or information. Social media is use of every employee as the social media benefits and consume your life time. There are many leaked information and different gossips too through which one of the person living in this world if he is a part of social media can gain a massive and tons of information.