Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Political term is very wide appreciating and interesting term all over the world. Now a day this is very burning issue in Pakistan as many centuries to come Dictatorship remains a blood issue among the leader’s peers and family in Muslim empire its evident instance is a Turkish drama by name “Mera Sultan”. After the general election of 2014 Nawaz group took the oath to stabled the shattering economy of Pakistan towards enlighten and progress after the wonderful performance of Mr. Zardari behind this there are many other energetic parties the very anonymous one is PTI leading member is IMRAN KHAN world cup winner of Pakistan Cricket Team who is the lover and pioneer of our youth in fact a living Legend among youngster vision. Being a true Muslims following the rules and Law of Islamic Empire he claim for reelection and new govt. because he and his followers consider all corruption and flaws in recently formed govt. Now he being a Volunteer want our PM should resign and new pure and crystal govt. should be made follow the due rules and law given by ALLAH ALMIGHTY for Islamic state so to encourage the warm bloods he launched a LONG MARCH to save the sink ship of govt.many people appreciate him and stand with him on the next side of the story many of them criticize him this tussle is still going on and on.
The new turn of this political debate is open in the territory of Mollana Tahir-UL-Qadri who is among the freedom lover for chained and poor pakistanies.He raise the women status and rights in the world of Pakistani govt. so many females member of the community is supporting him he also launched a campaign for new auto setup of Elections and govt.He is also having very demanding personality and thinking among his followers.
Here comes the voice of our new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who addressed very enthusiastically for the prosperous of Pakistan few verses from his speech “I am watching the new glory of Pakistan my blood is boiling for those who sold our Pakistan  in the hands of foreign…….”
To conclude we take the sayings of Shakespeare as “Life is a stage where one has to perform his tasks and to go finally “same is the case with politics it’s a deep sea where many come, fought, conquer,sacrifies,hanged and died. Yet all the Ending story have a new Beginning to go.



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