Saturday, 27 September 2014

Different Types Of Social Networks

Everyone have a big list of their childhood friends. And all of them also have a great time together. They must be your school and college friends, your colleagues and many others. All of you meet with your friends daily and you all have so much fun together. But now days when the life is very busy and no one have any time to meet with each other, you can remain in touch with your friends if you are using social networks. Many people use social networks to keep in touch and they also make new contacts and friends of same interest and ideas. These social networking sites become very famous and popular among the people not only to keep in touch with their friends but also for the dealing of their business communities online. You can get all important information from these social networks.
Many types of social networks are used in different works;
  • Personal network

This type allows the users to share detail contacts and profiles to all other users with whom you want to share. At this type of network users share all the information of their interest with other users. For example face book.
  • Status update network

This type of network is used to update short status for the communication to others. For example twitter update quick information online.
  • Content sharing network

These networks are used to share the contents like videos, articles, pictures and music. Through these networks users can interact with each other through comments. Famous content sharing networks are YouTube and Flicker.
  • Shared interest network

Through these networks users share same interests that they have like hobbies, politics, religious news and all other such interests. Example of these networks is LinkedIn and etc.
  • Location network

This network is used to locate any ones real time location. These networks are designed to update location information to other social network. Some examples of location network are Brightkite, Foursquare etc.

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