Saturday, 6 September 2014

Facebook Social Network

Facebook is familiar to every member of the society especially our youngsters it’s a worldwide used phenomena. What the Facebook is actually? How does it work? And for whom it work? These sort of question generate in every common man not only create but somehow disturb him too. Here through this article our aim is to make the concept about Facebook in short (FB) much easier than to easy. First of all let’s take a look how it work its very simple one should have ID with strong password. If one get join the face book so how benefit and good to him. Infect it has much unlimited benefits here we discuss one by one in short.
The first and foremost is it connect the people with very low cost not only in Pakistan but anywhere anytime in this world in fact it has made a world a global village. One can see and chat his or her relatives. To be very simple it has cover all the long distances among human beings.
The very other benefit is it make the business very comfort and easy one while sitting his/her home do online business, making deals, meetings without going anywhere.
It’s very impressive use is it helps a lot to eradicate unemployment and poverty among youth by creating online jobs opportunities in typing, web page and designing. In this order one just has a command on computer and must have Net access too. So it’s very profitable earning source of income even in Dollars.
One can do online buying and selling through Facebook ID. Online shopping and selection can be done with in seconds. Which save our time and money too.
Towards end it has many more facilitation and usages which made our life very easy and electronic. This is a wide concept about connecting people in social media.

Now take a look upon its Demerits Following are some very common and known:-

                As many Facebook users gives their wrong information which distract the others. It’s not a fully worthy for blind trust.
It also makes our nerve strong but make one lazy and physically inactive.
It is wastage of time when one is sitting for none. As our students have much craze for Facebook then their studies or other extracurricular activities.
This also creates distance among their peers and family.

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