Monday, 15 September 2014


Flood is a Natural phenomena which means an excess of water unable to store and control the world face many disaster because of this water. No area of this very land which is saved from floods. Now a day’s Pakistan is under this furious water storm specially ruler areas of Punjab side. Before politics were creating hurdles in its economy and now left area is covered with flood.
Bad luck days are started in our country already we are among the poor’s and now this over flow of water making us more tensed and poorest. Still we haven’t fully recovered from 2010 flood disastrous. Now again the nature is furious upon us and we have the evil side of water. Pakistan is agricultural land because of huge water all crops end up in water. Not all floods are alike some are slowly and gradually and some very aggressive that at once peaceful water change into dangerous disaster and ate acres of lands, crops, animals, homes and many more .

Floods have following effects:-

  • It creates drastic problem to people making them Homeless, Jobless, and even Lifeless.
  • Electricity set off in the whole area, Sewerage and roads also damage.
  • Set back the Economy and outlook of one country.
  • Environment too is destroyed and end into nothingness.
  • Social and physical health also badly effected as high risk of Cholera and other deadly diseases take place in the flood affected area.
  • Education also disturbed in fact each and every corner is effect due to this over following of water.

It also has various “causes” like Heavy rain, a water storm or a high tide called Tsunami. Melting of Ice on the mountains can also be one of the major causes, spring flooding and strong winds too causes floods.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) estimated that 1.1 million people get flood severe hit. As it is been noted more than 600,000 cusecs on this Thursday reach in Sindh . Which relive our past memories back in 1976 when dangerous flood catch Pakistan tertiary.
Following are the suggestion to overcome this sad situation:-
  • Army should be high alert.
  • Safety camps should be made.
  • Rescue 1122 should be always there at suspicious places.
  • First Aid for relief should be easy and approachable.
  • Make fully strong decision for safety of public.
These are some primarily cautions to save human life.


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