Friday, 26 September 2014

How To Save Yourself From Hackers

Hacking is very common in these days. It can be happen with you also. There are some safety measurements which can you adopt to remain safe online.
Always turn OFF your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Hackers are very well known from this they can easily slip into your phone if you turn ON your phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth all the time. When its turn ON, hackers easily connected your phone with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices that they have around them. Due to this they know about the networks that you are using before this. In this way, they start spy on you and you don’t even notice about this. So only turn ON your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you needed.
Use a strong security password on your device. It is a best way to remain safe from hackers. When you use social media they ask you about a code which is a six digit number. This password is every time asked you when you want to login from any device.  So this will be keep away hackers from your device.
Use of a single password is not safe these days because hackers can be know about this easily. Use password manager for this purpose. Password manager make different passwords for different social sites and you don’t need to remember that. Every time you want to login in any social website like Google, twitter, Face book and LinkedIn password manager will remember all of your passwords. But you have to change your passwords once after every six months because a master of password manager can find these passwords.
Don’t hide your home Wi-Fi because when you hide it your computer or home network is forced to be scan by those with whom you want to be hide. In this way your computer and phone start scanning from the strangers.
You should install HTTPS on your all websites because with the use of this tool all the information is not transmitted in the form of plain text but it encrypt information in the form of code.

These are the some methods from which you can save your computer and other devices from hacking.

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