Tuesday, 30 September 2014

How To Use Social Media Management Tools

As we all know that the social media is the best way for the marketing of your business. And by using the major social networks like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and LinkedIn you can either increase your traffic or make a large number of links online. For this, social media management tools are required such as marketing software, dashboard and publishing tools.

  • Buffer
It is the best way to schedule content on social media. You can make the schedule on buffer to share content on different social networks. Buffer is the good content curator.
  • Hootsuite
This is the most famous social media management tool for those people and business who execute different campaigns across many social networks like twitter and face book from the dashboard which is one web based. It is the best social managing tool which can measure campaign results and can track conversation through web or any mobile device.
  • Tweetdeck
Tweetdeck is a good web solution which can manage your twitter feedback. You can schedule your tweets as well as set up notification alert for other new tweets.
It is the powerful automation site which can save you many times managing social media. The big advantage of IFTTT is connecting many channels together by sharing different sites like face book, twitter and LinkedIn.  It works very best with hootsuite and buffer to increase the working of these tools.
  • Social Flow
Social flow is an interesting business marketing tool through which you can watch conversation and can catch attention of your customers. Social flow gives the information about those services through which you can increase your revenue. It also tells the marketers that where they should spend money for the marketing of business either on promoted tweets and posts or on sponsors.
  • SocialBro
SocialBro helps the business marketers to learn how to engage with your audience on twitter. It helps you to analyze your competitors and tell you the correct time when you have to tweet your followers.
  • Sproutsocial
It is also the best management tool for social business. It is designed such that you never ever miss a single message from twitter, face book and LinkedIn.
  • ArgyleSocial
It is savvy B2B marketing tool. It gives you the idea about qualify and quantify your leads and how can you make strong relationship with social media actions.
  • Tweepi
Tweepi is an interesting social media management tool of twitter. It allows you to follow new tweeps and flush the unfollowers.

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