Monday, 8 September 2014

Makhdoom Muhammad Javed Hashmi A REBEL

Born on January 1, 1948. He did his M.A in 1971 and M.Phil in 1973. When he went to Punjab university he is a very senior and experienced Politian a very famous quote about his personality “he mould the situation according to his will and need” from the period of Mr. Zia-ul-haq he is counterpart in politics of Pakistan and shown many of his ideas to the nation. If we discuss the recently event of Pakistan politics he was elected with Nawaz group and selected as a member of National assembly. With the flow of time he decide to leave the assembly and negotiate with  PTI leader IMRAN KHAN with a wink of an eye he turned against new govt. rules polices and stand with THER-EK-INSAF to form new govt.. All member of national assembly should be reelected through pure sources and means. When he feels PTI is going towards against party rules he raises his hands and left the Mr. Khan then and there. On negotiation to the Anker or media he said Captain has set some rules and limitation but suddenly he changed and move on without his views and suggestion so this thing does not suits him he went for bycot. This is called the actual REBEL, who went for his own mandate and rules. He himself rebut his statement these are the firm leaders who promises for the peaceful future of Pakistan  will they stable our country this question array in every gentle man’s mind. As it’s very true fact “heard stories are sweet those unheard are sweetest “now Mr. Hashmi would disclose these unheard melodies in the munity of Nawaz Brothers. Being a politician he is very tricky and complicated mentally we appreciate his personality but with not so many U turns for our govt. setup. There is a ray of hope for the betterment ship of 16 million people in the everyday changing ideas of Mr.hashmi let’s see where now our country stand. In a nutshell he was true laconic Politian. Mr. Hashmi agrees with William Shakespeare sayings “Life is flowing like a river with Unexpected Turns. They May be good, may be bad, Learn to enjoy each turn, because these Turns never Return…”We all know no one is perfect here human being always remain somewhere between The ANGLE and The DEVIL.

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