Monday, 8 September 2014


Media is playing very energetic role in our day to day society. Not only women is blessing in this field but every member of the society infant, young, old everyone here we have to look into the life of women specifically.Media is prompting new colours in our female part through Food Masala TV channels in their domestic kitchen which is considering the main duty and responsibility of our womens.From these sites they cook delicious and yummy dishes for their better half and children in this way they keep themselves away from hurting someone or back biting. On the next side Drama serials through media exploring the domestic affairs of women in every new phase from her birth, younghood or even marriage to death .tell her the actual reality of a women.shakespeare’s famous quote about women (FRAILTY THY NAME IS WOMAN) This is being assure through different stories and from our patriarchal society as well .As in ancient time only woman was the target behind every vice and folly she was responsible to answer every question prevailing in the society. But now our MEDIA is playing very effective role to enlighten the rights of women.Throgh Pakistani dramas the domestic females know how to manage the home circle and keep the husband and other family satisfied and happy. But on the male side they get more power and aggressiveness towards females even they dye to scold women on their faces which is banned in many Islamic and other western countries. Media has now open many new gates for our females; encourage them   to take education.This new MEDIA also make women ready to face the harsh realities as they are no anymore ostrich which down their heads but ready to tackle Bats which have yet to come. In dramas they have been showing as a loyal mother, sister, wife and daughter on the very next side they have been portraying in a very negative character like bitch, prostitute as time demands and want according to the situation. Still many feudal lords do merry their girls with HOLY QURAN so they must remain strict four walls of the home and their legitimacy to. as out of marriage was not our eastern trend but now our flourishing MEDIA has change our ideas and mentality Very much as we can see women stand next to man in every field of life. Either Personal, political l, social,economical .Time to Time MEDIA is prompting every new trend and fashion for girls in this way they feel their changing and grooming personality and their importance in this great advance centuary.Infact Media is the pavement on which every women walk to reach the high destiny of her status. As we know women are very soft and delicate and if once she rebel that are also very dangerous, she has been tamed only for domestic affairs but now MEDIA has changed the outlook prospect of not only of women but also of men now they feel the situation that single man is nothing can do better as “two and two makes four “MEDIA is really enhancing our facilities day by day by intermingling the tiny to huge things in our every day life. Let’s take a very obvious example of ads upon MEDIA which are very informative and full of knowledge as it’s a common factor much of our mothers are illiterate but now through the access of MEDIA they use English vocabulary very well and with fully confident. Now they use English words for everyday words like Milk, Tea, Soap, Door etc from where they learn in fact only through Media. On the other hand MEDIA not only gives us entertainment and fun but also it debates upon the issues, problems recording women through the references of Quran and Sunnah to eradicate them by authentic materials. This is what MEDIA is beneficial to us if we go for the other coin of side so it must have some misuses also like women keep indulge in their MEDIA programmed while ignoring their children and home tasks not only this but also damage their physical health as hearing loss and eye side too. Being a woman we should choose moderate side to flow happily with the Blessed passage of time. Nothing is good and nothing is totally wrong but it’s we how we treat with it. MEDIA is running in every human blood specially very common among our domestic women and this MEDIA have brought positive outlook upon their personality as in today’s advance world every one want to raise his\her status it is only MEDIA behind their backs which support them to raise within their limited budget. Now everyone have access to MEDIA either rich or poor. To conclude its true MEDIA has great impact on women’s life. MEDIA HAS THE ABILITY TO CREATE HAPPINESS.

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