Monday, 1 September 2014

Media Should FREE or NOT

In today’s fast world in fact we totally dependent to our media. Actually we watch through the eyes of media only. Media is the real Economy power. As every setup have some defined rules and laws to maintain the balance. So to talk about MEDIA it is simply the exposure of the world around us.
On the other hand there is a big issue about our MEDIA.IT IS A FULLY TRUE OR EITHER TOTALLY FAKE'. MEDIA should be set free to touch the exact reality. As it encourage the people to face sometime harsh and sudden Happenings. Through FREE MEDIA awareness can be created for society and its effects. BUT MEDIA take us how such as we took it fully evident and neat.
      MEDIA is the not limited phenomena but a worldwide expanded fact so it must be free handed to introduce the huge pillars of social, Political, Economic and Infotainment orders and disorders.
      Free MEDIA is the smooth road through which easy journey can be made towards the betterment ship of the society. As DANTE said about truth ‘TO SEEK TRUTH, THERE IS NO TRUTH AND THIS IS THE ONLY TRUTH’.As we know nothing can be Perfect in this artificial world somehow we our self-made compilation (adjustments) to go with the follow of global village.
      Let’s take the very evident example of our current political scenario in Pakistan. All this creativity has been done by public MEDIA media is the great power to make Economy settable and well flourish. MEDIA is playing its effect full role in every walk of society through major to minor issues and problems.
      FREE MEDIA does not only mean to show the free vulgarity and black-marketing but to show the true faces of fake people and societies. A network channel programmed by name “CID” what does its aim only to abolish the rubbish activities from the surroundings.
      Let’s take a chunk related to MEDIA ,there is a suicide bomb attack and all fuss has been created nobody knows except our MEDIA but only then if it is present by and there and captured the whole scenario and record it exactly what happened that’s called the reality and real MEDIA WORK.
      If MEDIA is set free at all so women will get more awareness rather than restricted four walls of their homes. Though this social MEDIA one can realize the bitter realities of his/her livings. They feel their self-responsible too, and will make better changes all around. This also counterpart to change the simple life style to the native or base followers.

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