Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Social Media Product Marketing

Social media is a very easy and approachable source to promote your product. Due to these social websites someone can easily know all information’s about any product which you want to promote.  Some famous and used social websites are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google plus and Pinterest. 

  • Make a YouTube channel for the marketing of your product and ask the users to send more and more pictures and videos that help in the promotion of product.
  • Make a small video by yourself that help the others about using of the products.
  • Ask the users to make small videos of your product and upload on your channel it also motivates the other uses to buy that product. 
  • Create a profile on LinkedIn and post every week new information and reviews about your product.
  • Make a group of your product users and ask them to give the comments about your product on this social website.
  • Make a presentation about the marketing of the product or about your service on PowerPoint and upload on this LinkedIn profile.
  • Consult with the other online marketers who can recommend you some useful tips about promoting your product on social media.
  • Set an advertisement about your product and give some special offers that attract the people towards your advertisement.
  • Ask the customers to to give feedback about your product who are used that product and liked it very much.
Google plus
  • Create a personal page on Google plus and ask the users to join this social page who like your services or product and give the feedback.
  • Post interesting facts and comments on Google plus which are send by the product users to promote your product.
  • Join the Google community to promote your product it makes the link with your users on social websites.
  • Create a pinterest profile for the marketing of your product. This social website also helps to make a large link with users to promote your product.
  • Ask the users to pinning the images of your product on pinterest. Always give the good comments to encourage your users.
  • With the help of a twitter give the information to people about how to use your product.
  • Tweet the facts and pictures of your product which are send by the users.
  • Tweet the interesting fact about your product that give a link of your product.
  • Add more and more pictures and videos of your product to attract the people’s attention.

All these social websites always help you to promote your product or business. So the social media is one of the great sources to expand your business all over the world.

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