Monday, 22 September 2014

Social Media Security And Cyber Criminal

Social Media is very famous in these days not only in youngsters but among the people of every age. All of these people must be aware from such crimes which are done by the individuals using computer and internet. These are known as the cyber criminals. When you are using social websites and communicate with your friends, colleagues or family members you share so much information to all of them cyber criminals take this information from your account and use this information to harm you.
The following are some ways to protect your account from cyber criminals.

Social Media from illegal links

Through this link cyber criminal send a page through internet similar to the face book and twitter at your computer. From this page they asked you about your account data. Through this cyber criminals login to your account and take all the information about you.
The simple way to stay safe from such pages is not to respond or answer such messages or people on social media that you don’t know about them.

Key Loggers

         Key logging is the type of software which records all strokes like password and username on your key board and sends it to the cyber criminal. Cyber criminal use this password and username to login your account and take all the information. To remain safe from this your internet security must be able to detect key logging software and should be finished before it gives any harm to you.   

Virtual Keyboard

            When your internet detect the key logging software cyber criminal insert a java code on a legal website and use it as a key logger and save your user name and password while you are using social media websites. Internet security systems now introduce a virtual keyboard to stay safe in such kinds of situation. In the virtual keyboard you don’t need to type physically your username or password you have to just click the image on your computer to verify your password and to login your account. The virtual keyboard safe and secure your password on social websites.

Strengthen Your Password

               If you want to stay safe from cyber criminals you need to make your password very strong which you used in social websites. Some people used such password which is very easy to guess by the cyber criminals. if you want to make a strong password for each site you must have to use password manager which is store in every security system of the computer. This password manager makes a strong password for each site and stores it in your computer which you have no need to keep in your mind. When you want to login then password manager enter a right password for right social website.

We all know that social media is the way of communication and to make a fun with your closed ones in free time. So apply all the precautions and security measurements to protect yourself from cyber criminals and enjoy your life with social media.

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