Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Sports are the backbone for once economy. Every country has some national sports and always Indulge   to flourish their games and sports by introducing around the world day by day. Through sports one can easily judge the country’s outlook among the top ranking marking. Pakistan’s national sport is Hokey. Every child of our country is a hockey master it was been written in golden words. But now if we take a look on the sport side Pakistan is veryback.Some of its harder’s under following:-

  • The very first we have not much setup and interest for this side because of it resources.
  • There is the lacking of playgrounds and Training centers.
  • Our couches went to foreign areas as there is no anymore sport scope left in Pakistan.
  • Because of poverty and unemployment people remains busy in their daily labor work other than to take part in national sport.
  • If one have sport at heart it so much costly at centre that a lay man cannot afford.
  • There is somehow security problem too as we Pakistani also in the list of terrorist. 
One must encourage games and sport in every corner of the area. As our Punjab governor take a solid step towards sports among district schools, colleges and universities .this approve with a positive result among our youth and new talent grown forward. In this way our country also introduced among the other developed countries. Now other govt. centre also took initiative to promote sport and games in different sectors of society. Cricket is in fact much famous in our Pakistan not only young but old also. In this way cricket very much introductive and appreciative and progressive also.
Sports not only flourishing strength and power but an economy also gets stable because of sports and games. It also preserves our culture .Traditional games must be played not monthly but once in a year there should be sport festival where all member of nation should be collected under one roof and shows one talent in front of the public and audience here one show his or her skills and tricks to amuse and enthuse the people. This sort of arrangements creates brotherhood and sincerity in eachother.A campaign should be launched to promote sports in this way sports will be common same in our Pakistan.

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