Saturday, 20 September 2014

Top Famous Free Website Builders Sites

For hosting of a website many website builders are working. We have to pay much for the hosting of a website but most of the websites provide you such a platform through which you make your own website without any difficulty. These websites do not need any particular languages like html, css, java and JavaScript etc. The most famous free website builders that provide you a soft ware for making your own website and for those you don’t have to pay any penny.

Famous free website builders


In the list of all free website building websites moonfruit is the most important website builder as well as the great website designer. In this site the designing system is used for to build website is drag and drop system. There is no coding used for this.  Templates, backgrounds and images are also available on this website.


UCoz is another best free website making tool because it uses all the latest codes of the languages like css3 and html5. It is also providing a security system, templates, blogs and unlimited band width.


For those who want a free website and hosting free website creator tool is a great source. In free website coding in used including the languages like html5, jquery and css3. The person who knows about coding this website builder is very beneficial for them. The other most important thing about this website is that no ads can b posted in your website.


To making the small websites this site is one of the best platforms. For making site icons are used.


Who want to make blog squarespace is the best way to create quick blog.

These are the best sites that build the free websites other sites that are used to creating free websites are yola, weebly, edicy, imcreator and wix.

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