Tuesday, 2 September 2014


This is recently new advance application   which combines the friends and family. Social Media is playing  very Powerful and authentic role in society. This is very simple and unique procedure to have chit chat among friends and siblings not limited to fun line just but also very impressive for Business man in their different sorts of dealings. Moreover this social Media is very introducing among our youngsters and youth fellow   especially. Everything   has some merits and demerits personally it depend upon the users how we take it.
WhatsApp is somehow good   for youth as they remain be sited at their home not indulge in Bad company and other vices within the society which is prevailing here many generation to come. It also enhances the acknowledgment and broadens the vision aspect in every field of life. As the new time to come would be more advance and scientific so this will help a lot to be more electric then physical. In advance country like USA there is only electronic media online studying buying and selling which is more easy to use then our old methods of handbooks. Through this social link one can contact easily to a person whom he\she want at any place, anytime, anywhere in the territory around us .This is fully entertainment app also when someone feeling blue can share funny images, lyrics, art clips among his peers. More interesting factor is the voice recorder option very appreciating and an easing one really. So on and so forth it have lots of benefits for it’s seek lovers and users in fact.
Now throw light upon some Demerit of this new app. That the very evident and damaging effect is the physically inactive and weak as while using one spend his hours and hours without worth of time .which usually stuck the mind and the loss of eye side also. Youth demand only fun and entertainment other then studies in the journey of their life. That’s why student more attracted towards this application ignoring their delightful future and life.
To conclude this it’s totally one mentality based idea and very rational as well that how we tackle the new advance things for our benefits 0r a trouble maker for one self and others also. It’s very demanding era, only those win the victory who look upon all the aspects and select the beneficial one and go ahead through the hardship of life. As DEWEY said” never think how much you can get but always look upon how much you can give.”     

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