Friday, 12 September 2014

Why Saeed Ajmal Banned

Pakistan cricket team has a remarkable image in the world of cricket especially when they win world cup in 1992 in the leading of IMRAN KHAN. It has perfect bats man and bowlers. Now we also have great bats man and bowlers in Pakistani team. The renowned bowler now in Pakistani team is none the other but the bowling champion “SAEED AJMAL” who born on 14october, 1977 in Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan. This 36 year old energetic right arm off spin bowler  won T20 cup in 2009. At domestic level he represents Faisalabad and globally he is world’s No 1 ranked bowler in the one day ICC Matches.  Saeed Ajmal wicket taker player 35 matches and taken 178 wickets which is really appreciable and admirable. Tuesday 9 Sep, 2014 was a black day for PCB in which ICC banned spinner Saeed Ajmal in next matches which is a harsh blow on the face of Pakistan cricket team because ICC Banned Saeed Ajmal due to illegal action of throwing ball. It is said that he stretch his arm by more than 15 degrees level of tolerance in his delivery of a ball towards bats man. This struck the Pakistani cricket team very badly as he was the top successful bowler in the world for last 3 years. But it is true “DEEDS NOT DAYS ARE COUNTED “Now he is not allowed to take part in series against Australia. He is trying his best to modify his action the way he throw it’s hard to manage enough time to work on his bowling style and will soon join Pakistan cricket world. It’s a rumor or humor PCB appealing otherwise this severe action will set back the Pakistan team. There is no any other WC plans. Pakistan bowling is finished or even end without Saeed ajmal. Now our PCB has formed a committee to identify and help bowlers to remold their actions. There is no doubt that PCB going to miss him badly. It can be conspiracy against him as he is the world’s best known bowler but what we can do game is in the hand of ICC.we can hope that he can correct his style in coming CWC “15”.No one is perfect one has to cover many difficult ways to reach the high destinies. The more you tried the better you perfect. So do not lose heart but be more firm and unique AS hussy says:-

“Players seem to be able to beat the system a little bit too easily at the moment and I then it’s something that needs to be looked at.”

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