Thursday, 30 October 2014

WordPress Websites Security

It is a normal occurrence when the personal e-mail of anyone gets hacked. It feels such that your personal things are invaded somehow. Similarly when your business website got hacked then it is a feeling of dirtiness absolutely.  So now we will discuss some methods to secure our website or e-mail account from such hackers.

WordPress Installation

The first most important method due to which you can remain safe from hackers is you should keep your WordPress installation up to date. You need to give full security to your WordPress installation and also you should update your WordPress regularly. This update installation give you the advantage to remain save from hackers. But if you don’t update your WordPress installation you give a chance to hack your website. Sometimes people when create WordPress they use the username as “admin” that is the most common username and very easy to hackers to guess the username. You have to delete this username but if you have an administrative access then you should make different administrative account with different username.  

Strong password

Hackers use a special kind of software due to which they can identify and guess the password of every user. So make sure that your password is too strong that it is not easy task for a hacker to reach to your password. Don’t share your password to anyone because you give a chance to hackers. Always try to change and up to date your passwords regularly. Always try to make password which is not used by you in your daily life such words can be easily hacked that are commonly used. Also don’t use the same user name and password. Make sure that your password consist alphabets, numbers and also the special characters this can make your password strong and no one can hack your website. 

Security plugins installed

There are a large number of plugins in your WordPress. The advantage of these plugins is that these will decrease threat of security weakness which can be found in WordPress. So you should also update these plugins because if you don’t update these plugins you will open your website and also give a chance to hackers. These plugins have a strong features so try don’t leave any of the plugin because this can give the entry point to the hackers.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Facebook Privacy And Security

We all know that social media is the part of our lives but for us privacy is also important since we are the part of social media. So if you want to know that how much you are save from others online? Who can see your posts and pictures online? Then check your Facebook privacy settings and save your data especially if you are doing job. To review your privacy setting then first of all makes a list of your friends and restricted people.
If you want for anyone who could not be able to search you then from the menu go to your setting and check the sections of who can see you online. On the same page click on the option that who can see your posts in future and then select the people and make a list of the persons who can see your future posts.
You can permit someone to post on your profile.  Choose the persons who can post on your profile by click on “timeline and tagging” on the same page at the left of the screen.  At the same page clicks on and set who can see your posts that you tagged in your profile.  You can also select those people who can post on your timeline by your privacy setting. You can review your posts and photos that you are tagged before they are posted on your profile timeline.  Select the people who can see your photos and information. And you can also change and review your profile information by the privacy setting. Block the people who are not your favorite and you don’t want to share your profile information.
Some people log-in to your account by different methods you can know about them by notifications if you secure your profile by security settings. For this you have to change your password regularly. By the above Facebook privacy settings you can protect yourself, your information and also your photos online. But you have to check your privacy setting after regular interval to remain saves online. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Build Online Community For Website Traffic

Use of social media and make a community is very common in these days. If you want to make your own community you have to connect deeper and on a meaningful level.  Online community helps you for the successful approach to social business. Online communities are very useful for social business. The online community can tell you how to attract your audience. How can you established successful business and also make it social business. The most important benefits of online community are given below.
One benefit of online community is for your organization’s website and it is a SEO benefit. Google update algorithm such as panda and penguin which proves that your content is not duplicate and also removed the low quality content. Everyone wants that their website ranking is very good in the search engine. They should know and overcome the main issues that arise when some changing are occurred. So everyone should know an get awareness about the SEO which can chase algorithm it means must know about the duplicate content and can remove that content.  This SEO knowledge can build online community. Because online community can provides us important and valuable information and it is always better than digital marketing.
Online community can build a strong relationship with all the people in the world. This is the second benefit of online community. This relationship cannot be build by any other web network and SEO. Due to this relationship social business are established and can get a great success. It is the way of getting engaged with your audience. Also by this you are attracting your customers at very low cost and build a better business. Online community also helps you in sharing your content by creating a vast social network.

You have to make such conversations with your colleagues and within your organization to get awareness, influence and value. You can also make deeper connections with your customers through online community that can make your trust and relation stronger with everyday passing. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Increase Traffic With Qzzr

We all know that people like quizzes. When the people once solve the quiz they also share with others and in social media network. So the people who like quizzes must want to make their own quizzes for others. Thus there is a quiz tool that can be used easily and very well designed. This quiz tool is known as Qzzr.  Qzzr can help to build any type of quiz without any technical help.

How to build quiz with Qzzr

First of all you have to create an account and log in. Then click on ‘create’ on top. Then start to make quiz that type of quiz you want to make. This quiz tool gives you two choices knowledge based quizzes and outcome based quizzes.

Quiz required specific time

The most difficult thing of making quiz is the main concept otherwise Qzzr make quiz very easily. Discuss and consult ideas of quiz with your friends and colleagues then decide what type of quiz can attract the audience. The other main thing is that you have to give specific time to build a special quiz which has great attention and interest of your audience.

How can you design your quiz?

First if you want to gain attention and interest of your audience then use image in your quiz. The nature and concept of your quiz must be attractive so that audience takes interest in quiz. You can make a knowledge based quiz by adding multiple choice questions and true false questions. You can also give answers to your question in your quiz and also add more details of any question you want. You can also add image based questions to attract your audience Such as which city is the capital of America.
When you added your desired questions then you can publish your quiz. Qzzr also provides you different options to share your quiz on different social networks.  

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Create Strong Business Facebook Fanpage

Social media networks sites are very helpful for people living at any place in the world. It helps you for the promotion of your business. But Facebook is one of the best social network sites in the world used by teenager and business man. For the marketing of your business and promotion of your products you must have your own business page on Facebook. If you want to make Facebook business page very successful follow these things.  

Post an article twice in a week

You have to post an article twice in a week at your page. It shows you a great leader for your company and your followers also become very happy to see you on your page because they want you to update your business page.

Appreciate and give comments  

When your followers like, share and comments on your article then you also have to like and comments on their posts. It will increase traffic on your Facebook page.

Answer the customer’s questions

Always check your notification and answer your customer’s questions that they ask you about your products. If you don’t answer the questions and your question remain unanswered for long time then it will definitely affect your customers and they will not spend any money for your business.

Consult with new business pages

We know that new comers always brought new techniques for the marketing of their business. And Facebook is not just a social network site but a worldwide search engine that can search new business pages for your business. So always consult with these business pages and learn more from them.

Share your website on your page

If you have website then share it on your business page. This is the best way to increase your sales.

Upload videos and images

Always upload some informative videos and images of your business products on your page. These videos and images can increase your product sale and engagement of your customers on Facebook business page.

Check your inbox messages

Some customers leave a message in your inbox instead of using the business page so always check your messages and answer them personally.

Update posts daily

You have to update your status daily it shows your customers that you are taking interest and used social media networks.  

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Facebook Marketing With Tools

We already discuss the different marketing strategies. Now we discuss some special marketing tools of a social media network site. This site is very famous in all over the world among every age of people. This popular social site is Facebook. Here we discuss some tools of Facebook marketing.

Agora Pulse

This dashboard shows you all of the activities on your page and let you to begin campaign from dash board.  You need to promote your campaign by following ways.

You have to organize photo contest for your fans.
  • Ask your fans to vote for favorite photos. 
  • Also organize coupon campaign for fans. 
  • Ask your fans to answer challenging quiz. 
  • Also organize sweepstakes for your fans.  

You can promote your campaign by giving information to your page. From this more fans are attracted towards your campaign and are fully engaged through fan vote, photo contest, quiz and sweepstakes.


A ShortStack is a Facebook campaign tool that work to make very easy to add any kind of campaign to your page. ShortStack also offers templates to build campaign by using some visual editor. You can push or promote your campaign through ShortStack.

EdgeRank Checker

The most favorite social media research site, EdgeRank Checker gives you a complete analysis of a Facebook page with some extra advanced features like custom recommendation that based on actual post content.  

Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics

Most of the profile pages and personal brands find that this is an easy and quick tool or sometimes entertaining.  These wolfram alpha tools search only the individual personal Facebook pages and give you a lot of information’s.

FanPage Karma

It is another Facebook marketing tool it can shows an overview and score at your page. It can also gives you a full report and this report detail all the page contents, fan engagement and timing etc.

Conversation Score

It is Facebook tool that discover page influence and performance. For this you don’t need any Facebook authorization.


This tool is similar to the conversation score. It reviews Facebook pages and give all the information about overall score and also give recommendation for improvement. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click is also called cost per click (PPC). It is a most famous internet advertising marketing which is used to create traffic on a website. In this marketing an advertiser has to pay the website owner or search engine whenever ad is clicked.  So simply we can say that it is the amount spent by the advertiser for an advertisement clicked.
Advertisers usually place their ads on some specific websites where they believe that they definitely will find customers. But most of the advertisers place their ads on search engines like Google and Bing because these search engine platforms provide PPC space.
Pay per click marketing is used by many small companies and big organization that want to sell small products and want to create awareness in the people about any issue in the surrounding. Most of the business owners are used pay per click marketing as this is a low cost marketing and also very effective.  Due to the PPC business easily reached to such people who are interested in your products because mostly PPC advertisement appear on such websites and search engine result pages that are related to your products which you want to sell. PPC marketing is also very effective for the political parties and campaigns because it raises awareness about any issue among the people.
Sometimes pay per click marketing proves to be very expensive. So a company or a business that never used PPC before should start its promoting campaign on a very small budget. And then when the company got an experience it should expand its campaign on a large scale.
By using the pay per click marketing you can see the following advantages.
  • Pay per click is the fastest way to get traffic on your website. With pay per click marketing your advertisement should appear on search engine platform. 
  • It gives you the ability to establish your campaign according to fulfill your business needs and requirements. 
  • You can set your pay per click marketing according to your budget. 
  • You don’t have to pay for placing ads on search engine platforms but you have to pay only when someone click on advertisement.  

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Event Marketing Strategies and Ideas

Event marketing is the promotional marketing that involves face to face marketing between customers and companies. Events that can be established for event marketing plan are sports, music concerts and fairs etc. Most companies use this event marketing to contact with their customers by establishing music ant contests events. A successful event marketing campaign not only provide information about product and service but also give discounts and free samples to their customers. Due to this event marketing customers see live commercials of the products and also feel the benefits.
To make your event marketing campaign successful first of all you have to target your audience.  You have to create such campaign which proves beneficial for company, memorable for customers and establish strong relationship between you and your customers. When the company identifies their target audience then they also find that which type of event they have to establish to promote their products. For example a support company must have to create a sport event for promotion. And for the promotion of technical products a company should have to establish event in which people are invited who have the interest of latest technologies.
Event marketing is very important and unique for the promotion of products because each event is established to keep in mind the target customers. These events provide a chance to any company to make a good impression on their audience.  But a company must keep in mind three aspects to develop a successful event marketing strategy. First the company should consider the points and information that they want to share with their customers. Second they must concentrate on the target audience.  Third is that company should consider that which type of impression they want to leave on their target audience.  Companies can impress their customers or event crowed through a variety of ways. A company can impress their customers or crowed by creating fun in the event, by inviting the favorite celebrities of the crowed or by giving the free samples as gift to the customers through a quiz contest. An event marketing strategy can be successful for the promotion of products if a company offers some discounts and services to those regular customers who use the social media networks sites and appreciate your products.

So event marketing strategies are very beneficial for any company and it is a great way of face to face communication between customers and you. And also due to the event marketing people not only promote their products but they also get a chance to sit altogether can enjoy the different kinds of events. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Local Marketing Start for New Business

Local marketing is also said to be the neighborhood marketing.  This marketing targets the neighboring customers for the promotion of their products. Local marketing is used to engage and send messages to local customer instead of the mass market.  There are several methods of direct contact with the local customers such as in local town events, through mail or through the local paper advertisement.
Local marketing is started for a small business, restaurants or single location. Franchised business owner also used local marketing to promote their franchised products or locations. Local marketing is used in those companies who develop their customers at nearby of any business location. As we know that most people want to shop and eat near their houses to save time and for their convenient. And these places become favorite places for local neighboring people for eat and shop. Sometimes it happens that some business closed and new ones are opened at these places. These new shopping malls and restaurants need to advertise their products and location to get the more customers. But most of the people start business or restaurants keep in mind the interest of the local customers.
To build awareness in the neighboring areas local marketing use different campaigns. Business owners must know about the local events or organizations that held these events and try to support those local events.  Such type of participation's raises your popularity and reputation among the local town people.
In some type of campaigns some specific offers and service are given to the people. For example, in restaurants some special deals of meal is offer to the members of organization and other business owners. Similarly stores also offer coupons and discount to the special customers.

Local marketing is the way of communication, interacting and knowing the neighboring people. It is not only the investment of money but also the investment of time to develop the relationship between neighbors and businesses. Local marketing is not only done in the office and by using the computer but it is done to connect the customers face to face. 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Ideas Of Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is a type of marketing plan that target on a specific section of marketing which has strong connection to a particular product. The aim of niche marketing is to focus on a price range, quality and features of the particular product. To start the niche marketing it is necessary to select the right niche. For this you have to take care following things.
  • Focus on that part of market which is completely understanding and you know everything about it. And also make sure that your competitors are not targeting the same section.
  • Always try to give answers of your customer’s questions. If you are succeeded to satisfy them with your answer then you definitely get traffic on your site. And they will buy tour products.
  • Try to write contents in simple words that your customers can read it and understand it easily. If you use complex words and text then your customer may leave your site.

For the niche marketing choose that campaigns which help you for the promotion of your target market section. Select that campaign which is more depending on conversation then any advertising strategy. Or in some campaigns you can ask great spokespersons that are well known by the other people. These spokespersons may play an important role in the promotion of your products.

Niche marketing strategy is used by all those companies that have low budget and want an effective marketing of their target market. Not only small companies but large companies also used niche marketing for the successful marketing of their products. Special types of customers can be targeted for niche marketing depending on some characteristics like hobby, lifestyle, age and income. When you select your customers then it will be easy for you to understand their problems and try to solve them. You have to prove yourself as an expert that know everything about the particular product and services that your competitors don’t know.  You can show it to your customers by using special campaigns and social media sites. Always try that the information that you are sharing with your customers and followers must be interesting that your followers may share this information with their followers. For this purpose you use your expertise campaigns to get traffic on your online network. And there are more chances that all of these followers become your regular and loyal customers who always buy the products from your company. 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Business To Business Marketing Tips

We know the different types of marketing strategies that work more effectively on social media and social community websites. One of the most famous and effective marketing is business to business (B2B) marketing. Business to business marketing is a type of marketing one company or a person sells their products or services to other person or companies. These companies resell these products or use them to support their products or company. B2B marketing works on the same principle as a consumer marketing works. In consumer marketing consumers select the products on the basis of popularity and status not only on price but in B2B marketing decisions are made on price and profit only. Social media has opened many paths for promotion and marketing of businesses. But b2b marketing is largest than all other marketing.
In B2B marketing special kind of customer or companies are marketed. Those companies that use constructed materials like steel etc. Those companies that want to resell products to support their company’s product. Some government agencies, schools and hospitals are also marketed with b2b marketing. A b2b marketer can understand their customer needs and put those products on right hand that are very demanding. A b2b marketer advertises their products on vast channels in a specific way so that the customers can buy the products.
For establishing b2b marketing following points should be understand by the companies.
  • In b2b marketing buyers are completely professional, they care about increasing the benefits, quality of product and the services of the company.
  • B2B marketers focus on a target market that can reflect special needs of customer.
  • Business to business marketing is very much concerned with the price of products, quality and revenue.         
  • B2B marketers required not only experienced marketers for marketing and advertising but also need those marketers who are expert in their related fields. 
So B2B marketing is very demanding because they can understand their company’s needs before purchasing. They can also understand and recognize bad offers so they take fewer risks. They interact and communicate with other companies and individuals for the products and services rather than to become recipient.  A company should know the needs of their customers that’s why business to business marketers are very clear. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Purpose Of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the type of marketing in which marketers and business get a direct contact with their customers in order to promote their product. Direct marketing can be made from email, online ads and telephone. To increase the sale of your products direct marketing is very powerful strategy for your business. Basically it is useful for small business.
The basic use of direct marketing is to focus your customer.  Direct marketing involve a specific call to action campaign to get the immediate response of your customer. Direct marketing is measurable, because you can track the number of customers who respond to your call to action campaign.
Direct marketing campaign can be established by the data which is collected by keeping in mind the interesting things about your products, services and response of your old customers. Direct marketing campaign can be used multiple platforms for communication like telephone, online ads, mobile and mail. Direct marketing may be door-to-door, face-to-face and phone-to-phone depends on the response of the target customers. Direct marketing campaign should have a specific call to action for example for an immediate sale (pick up the phone and call to order now). A call to action may give a particular direction to customer to call a particular number or to click a link to a website to show a response for any campaign. Companies note this response and try to improve their communication and get better and fast response of their customer at next promotion of product.  If you are succeeded to know the behavior or nature of your customers then it will be easy for you to improve your communication with your customers.

It is very difficult to know the results and costs of any advertising marketing. On the other hand direct marketing is measureable you can even know the number of sales you need to cover the cost of your marketing. You can also measure the cost for each response and also the return of investment. So in this way you can improve your campaign and can make strong communication with your customers. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Why We Use Sms Marketing

In today’s life mobile is the need of every next person in your surroundings. People not only do and receive the calls but also send and receive messages of all types. So mobile is the best way to remain in contact with each other. In this era of technology, people also use mobile for the marketing of their business. For this purpose SMS marketing is of very much importance. Due to the SMS marketing, marketers send their contents and offers to their customers through text messages. The marketers experience tells us that the customers always like those campaigns that deal them on a personal level and which satisfied them. So SMS marketing strategy is the best strategy because this is the low cost and effective way of marketing. To start the SMS marketing plan you should follow these steps.
  • First step is to build customers contact database. For this ask your customers register online on social networks. In this way you can get contact details. Then list these contacts according to age, response to messages and product purchase. So next time you will be aware of your target contacts by this list.
  • Always try to send short message to your customer because you can use limited words for text. Send website or a phone number to your customer and ask them see details in these websites or call at these numbers for more information.
  • If you want to increase your SMS marketing and its response, offer special services to your customers after some time through SMS.

For the successful SMS marketing strategy make your SMS campaigns to contact and engage your customer and also keep in mind the following things.
  • Always try to send complete information to your customer by a SMS. And try to inform your customers about new products and new services as soon as possible.
  • Through the SMS you can build a strong relationship with your customers. And you have to send text messages on regular basis. Always try to send some coupons and give special discounts to your regular customer.
  • Marketers should link with other advertising companies via face book and twitter to increase the number of customers.
  • Companies should send messages at the time when there is a great chance by the customer response to that message.

SMS marketing is low cost way to provide all the necessary information to your customer. And it is one of the best ways to contact your customer anytime, anywhere and at any place when you want.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Best Affiliate Marketing Techniques

The best way for marketing of your business is affiliate marketing. It is the way due to which you can make money by asking the people to purchase products online. For this purpose you have to make your business website and if you want to run your website, it is necessary to establish your website legally. The best way of establish your website legally is to join affiliate network. This network provides you advertisers that you can post on your website. This is the most common way to get a large number of advertisers.
There are different types of affiliate advertising networks.
  • Pay per lead: In this type, advertisers pay only for those visitors who sign up and generate leads. A lead may be a software download or a sign up form containing information. A lead may be small or may be large as combination of many pages.
  • Pay per click: It is also called cost per click. It is an advertising method in which an advertiser pay to the website owner when their ad is clicked. In this case an advertiser and publisher have fixed an amount that will be paid for each click.
  • Pay per sale: In this type of affiliate advertising, a website owner and publisher is paid on the number of sales that are generated by the advertisement.
  • Pay per action: In this an advertiser pays the website owner only when a visitor performs some action such as buy a product.
  • Pay per call: It is the type of advertising in which a website owner promotes their products by giving them toll free numbers and he will be paid for each call.

Affiliate networks can be best for making money if you have suitable and long lasting products. You have to choose a correct affiliate program for the marketing of your product. A good affiliate program should have a great manager who will help you to run an affiliate program successfully and also help you to make money. For a successful marketing you have to join a community of same interest that give you the ideas and feedback for your marketing. You have to give proper time to your visitors and you have to be focused on the promotion of your products. Affiliate advertising program is not a quick get money program it takes a time so enjoy your work otherwise you shall be bored and try to give up.
Most of the affiliates do this program as a hobby along their full time job but some of them do this advertising program as a source of second income. If you go right you can learn more about internet by choosing niche and by joining the community, because in this way you have a chance to meet the more people and make money.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Increase Your Business with E-Commerce

To start a business establishing an e-commerce website is the best way. It is the cheapest way to start a business. To become a marketer you have to spend a lot of time online and try to attract your customer to sell your products. There are many ways to market your business online but you have to decide which option is good for your business.
  • Email

Email is one of the best ways to increase your product sale. By establishing an e-commerce mailing list you can grow your business more rapidly. When your customer buys a product from you, you must add him to your mail list and ask them to purchase product once after every 3 months. This method will help you to focus on your earlier customers except making new ones.
  • SEO

SEO helps more effectively for an e-commerce business. A good strategy depends on the demand of products on search engine and how much products you sell. Some business marketers found that optimizing category pages work in a best way but if your number of product is small you should focus on product pages.
  • Offer discounts

This is the best way to maintain and increase your customers list. You have to offer some discounts and special services to your regular customer, it will help you to attract the other people to buy your products and increase the profit. Sometimes it will be difficult but it increase traffic on your business site.
  • EBay

If you want to sell your products on eBay you must offer some products very cheap. So eBay is not a profit gaining way but it can increase your customer list. Try to sale your small products on eBay so that your loss should be minimum and least.
  • Affiliate networks

To offer discounts on your products you should work with affiliate networks. These affiliate networks have databases that have a large number of mailing list, these can increase traffic on your site. You have to give commission to these affiliate networks. So you should set the prices of your products according to this. In this affiliate program your profit margin is very low after giving commission. But if you continue this program you can increase your sale in future because this affiliate network can bring a lot of customers on your site.
  • Try to sell more products

Make it easy to sell more products instead of adding more customers in your list. Give discounts on your products that when a customer comes to buy one product you offer other product with discount and he will also buy those two products. Offer these discounts on your site so that customers are attracted to your products. In this way your product sale will be increase.