Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Facebook Privacy And Security

We all know that social media is the part of our lives but for us privacy is also important since we are the part of social media. So if you want to know that how much you are save from others online? Who can see your posts and pictures online? Then check your Facebook privacy settings and save your data especially if you are doing job. To review your privacy setting then first of all makes a list of your friends and restricted people.
If you want for anyone who could not be able to search you then from the menu go to your setting and check the sections of who can see you online. On the same page click on the option that who can see your posts in future and then select the people and make a list of the persons who can see your future posts.
You can permit someone to post on your profile.  Choose the persons who can post on your profile by click on “timeline and tagging” on the same page at the left of the screen.  At the same page clicks on and set who can see your posts that you tagged in your profile.  You can also select those people who can post on your timeline by your privacy setting. You can review your posts and photos that you are tagged before they are posted on your profile timeline.  Select the people who can see your photos and information. And you can also change and review your profile information by the privacy setting. Block the people who are not your favorite and you don’t want to share your profile information.
Some people log-in to your account by different methods you can know about them by notifications if you secure your profile by security settings. For this you have to change your password regularly. By the above Facebook privacy settings you can protect yourself, your information and also your photos online. But you have to check your privacy setting after regular interval to remain saves online. 

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