Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Increase Traffic With Qzzr

We all know that people like quizzes. When the people once solve the quiz they also share with others and in social media network. So the people who like quizzes must want to make their own quizzes for others. Thus there is a quiz tool that can be used easily and very well designed. This quiz tool is known as Qzzr.  Qzzr can help to build any type of quiz without any technical help.

How to build quiz with Qzzr

First of all you have to create an account and log in. Then click on ‘create’ on top. Then start to make quiz that type of quiz you want to make. This quiz tool gives you two choices knowledge based quizzes and outcome based quizzes.

Quiz required specific time

The most difficult thing of making quiz is the main concept otherwise Qzzr make quiz very easily. Discuss and consult ideas of quiz with your friends and colleagues then decide what type of quiz can attract the audience. The other main thing is that you have to give specific time to build a special quiz which has great attention and interest of your audience.

How can you design your quiz?

First if you want to gain attention and interest of your audience then use image in your quiz. The nature and concept of your quiz must be attractive so that audience takes interest in quiz. You can make a knowledge based quiz by adding multiple choice questions and true false questions. You can also give answers to your question in your quiz and also add more details of any question you want. You can also add image based questions to attract your audience Such as which city is the capital of America.
When you added your desired questions then you can publish your quiz. Qzzr also provides you different options to share your quiz on different social networks.  


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