Friday, 17 October 2014

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click is also called cost per click (PPC). It is a most famous internet advertising marketing which is used to create traffic on a website. In this marketing an advertiser has to pay the website owner or search engine whenever ad is clicked.  So simply we can say that it is the amount spent by the advertiser for an advertisement clicked.
Advertisers usually place their ads on some specific websites where they believe that they definitely will find customers. But most of the advertisers place their ads on search engines like Google and Bing because these search engine platforms provide PPC space.
Pay per click marketing is used by many small companies and big organization that want to sell small products and want to create awareness in the people about any issue in the surrounding. Most of the business owners are used pay per click marketing as this is a low cost marketing and also very effective.  Due to the PPC business easily reached to such people who are interested in your products because mostly PPC advertisement appear on such websites and search engine result pages that are related to your products which you want to sell. PPC marketing is also very effective for the political parties and campaigns because it raises awareness about any issue among the people.
Sometimes pay per click marketing proves to be very expensive. So a company or a business that never used PPC before should start its promoting campaign on a very small budget. And then when the company got an experience it should expand its campaign on a large scale.
By using the pay per click marketing you can see the following advantages.
  • Pay per click is the fastest way to get traffic on your website. With pay per click marketing your advertisement should appear on search engine platform. 
  • It gives you the ability to establish your campaign according to fulfill your business needs and requirements. 
  • You can set your pay per click marketing according to your budget. 
  • You don’t have to pay for placing ads on search engine platforms but you have to pay only when someone click on advertisement.  

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