Thursday, 9 October 2014

Purpose Of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the type of marketing in which marketers and business get a direct contact with their customers in order to promote their product. Direct marketing can be made from email, online ads and telephone. To increase the sale of your products direct marketing is very powerful strategy for your business. Basically it is useful for small business.
The basic use of direct marketing is to focus your customer.  Direct marketing involve a specific call to action campaign to get the immediate response of your customer. Direct marketing is measurable, because you can track the number of customers who respond to your call to action campaign.
Direct marketing campaign can be established by the data which is collected by keeping in mind the interesting things about your products, services and response of your old customers. Direct marketing campaign can be used multiple platforms for communication like telephone, online ads, mobile and mail. Direct marketing may be door-to-door, face-to-face and phone-to-phone depends on the response of the target customers. Direct marketing campaign should have a specific call to action for example for an immediate sale (pick up the phone and call to order now). A call to action may give a particular direction to customer to call a particular number or to click a link to a website to show a response for any campaign. Companies note this response and try to improve their communication and get better and fast response of their customer at next promotion of product.  If you are succeeded to know the behavior or nature of your customers then it will be easy for you to improve your communication with your customers.

It is very difficult to know the results and costs of any advertising marketing. On the other hand direct marketing is measureable you can even know the number of sales you need to cover the cost of your marketing. You can also measure the cost for each response and also the return of investment. So in this way you can improve your campaign and can make strong communication with your customers. 

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