Thursday, 30 October 2014

WordPress Websites Security

It is a normal occurrence when the personal e-mail of anyone gets hacked. It feels such that your personal things are invaded somehow. Similarly when your business website got hacked then it is a feeling of dirtiness absolutely.  So now we will discuss some methods to secure our website or e-mail account from such hackers.

WordPress Installation

The first most important method due to which you can remain safe from hackers is you should keep your WordPress installation up to date. You need to give full security to your WordPress installation and also you should update your WordPress regularly. This update installation give you the advantage to remain save from hackers. But if you don’t update your WordPress installation you give a chance to hack your website. Sometimes people when create WordPress they use the username as “admin” that is the most common username and very easy to hackers to guess the username. You have to delete this username but if you have an administrative access then you should make different administrative account with different username.  

Strong password

Hackers use a special kind of software due to which they can identify and guess the password of every user. So make sure that your password is too strong that it is not easy task for a hacker to reach to your password. Don’t share your password to anyone because you give a chance to hackers. Always try to change and up to date your passwords regularly. Always try to make password which is not used by you in your daily life such words can be easily hacked that are commonly used. Also don’t use the same user name and password. Make sure that your password consist alphabets, numbers and also the special characters this can make your password strong and no one can hack your website. 

Security plugins installed

There are a large number of plugins in your WordPress. The advantage of these plugins is that these will decrease threat of security weakness which can be found in WordPress. So you should also update these plugins because if you don’t update these plugins you will open your website and also give a chance to hackers. These plugins have a strong features so try don’t leave any of the plugin because this can give the entry point to the hackers.

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