Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Role of Article Marketing

Article marketing is a type of marketing that is used to increase the number of visitors and online sales. It is the old strategy that is used by the online marketers because the main purpose of online marketing is to enhance the number of visitors and sales of products or services on your website. If the articles are very popular then it will support the company’s reputation and make the visitors loyal. These articles also increase the traffic on your website it means more people visit the site and so have the maximum opportunity to buy the products that you want to sell.
Article marketers make contract of their services with many sources like online news, independent writers and online publishers etc.  Article marketers and writers are also the part of online marketing services and if any company want a specialize writer then they contact with the required publishers for fee.  Different companies and businesses also hire the writers to support their business, service provider and product manufacturers. And it is true that a good written article can be a strong base of any business.
Strong content is not always developed and write from a writer. All the employees, marketing managers and coordinators also worked for a company they gather marketing material and budget for writer and make easy to write an effective content for a company. Article marketing is the fastest and cheapest way for online marketing and to increase the number of loyal visitors. For successful article marketing you need to find 3-5 keywords for your site that strongly fulfill the need of your niche. These keywords should be unique and meaningful so that visitors can search these keywords easily. The next step should develop article content that attracts the visitors towards your site. After writing the article submits it online that have many links. And the last step is to concentrate on your article and promote your article on some popular blogs.
Article marketing is according to the needs of customers.  These days the customers want the products and services that are low cost and direct so consumers provide all the possible opportunities, types and sale products to their customers.  Like all other marketing article marketing also need campaigns for its promotion and you know that its campaigns are fully based on content writing. The goal for this is to gain high quality backlinks that can increase the traffic on your site. If your promotion campaign is very powerful then you can attract millions of visitors towards your website.

First of all you need to specify your target niche and generate a list of possible topics. And then make a schedule that about which topic is written and when it is published.  The articles can be developed every week or each day then it is published on company’s website.  So article marketing is very important marketing strategy for online business as it is based on content writing thus it can increase the number of sales of products and online visitors by writing an effective and attractive content. 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Business to Consumer Marketing

You all know that consumers purchase in much less time for sudden buy but if shopping is done for a specific thing then it can take couple of weeks or more and in best price.  In this type of purchase decision is made by two or more than two persons and also consumer want to gain some benefits from their purchase.  Consumers don’t take financial risks in shopping as it is take place in businesses. For this effective business to consumer (B2C) marketers develop some campaigns for the benefits of consumers. They help the consumers through advertising, internet, direct marketing and discount offers.
Most of the companies use B2C marketing like some computer, software, game and gadget companies use this type of marketing for their new products and tools that can make your life more easy and entertaining. These products can also solve your most of the problems.  Some restaurants and food companies also use this marketing for the reputation of their restaurants and also to market the food. Most of the clothing, jewelry and cosmetic products also market their products whenever it is changed and new things are being made. Drug companies market their drugs to the doctors through B2C marketing.
B2C marketing is effective for every company and its campaigns and marketing methods are different for all the kinds of consumers according to age and gender. B2C marketing is effective to those customers who already have a wonderful experience with a relative company and their products. And satisfied consumers can also refer the company and products to their friends and other family members. B2C marketing is best to prove the consumer’s loyalty.
To develop the successful campaigns for B2C marketing it is necessary to know some basic questions like who are the customers, what kinds of products they want to buy and in what price etc. you know that most of the people use internet in these days so to develop successful and effective campaigns you should take into account internet and social media.
Social media is the best way to communicate with customers at personal level. If a customer likes a page on facebook then all of the other can see it online. You can also create a business website for your fans that can give good response about your products and also give comments and new ideas about new campaigns.
And finally companies can also make some loyalty programs for customers by offering them special discounts to those customers who are regular customers of your company and remain in contact with you and your company and always send good comments on your site. This behavior of regular customers helps to motivate and give success to your company and business.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

One to One Marketing

One-to-one marketing is a strategy that is based to get the individual choice made by customer. It is also written as 1:1 marketing. It is a great source to approach customer’s attention. There are two types of one-to-one marketing.
In first type company try to know about personal preference, taste and choice of each customer and then modify according to a customer’s requirements. It is called personalization. In second type of one-to-one marketing company doesn’t learn about each customers taste and choice but gives the customers ability to modify the products according to their own taste. This is called customization.
As you all know that shopping through internet become more famous these days so as one-to-one marketing is also become more popular. Customers remain visiting sites of online retailer where they before used to purchased different things and try to find some suggestions that a company may send to customers through message. In this way customer try to follow these suggestions for more purchase. Some companies and online retailers develop such one-to-one marketing system that follow every customer’s choice and taste according to the purchase and make a personal profile for some specific and regular customer who purchased things on online retailers. According to these profiles companies then make different marketing plans by keeping in mind the choice of each customer.
To develop a successful one-to-one marketing plan is to make a special system to learn and remember the choice and purchase of all the regular customers. In this way the companies also interact with their customers.  The online retailers can collect all the data about customers from general information or from the items they purchased. Through this companies and online retailers can develop a separate profile for each customer.  With the help of profile information, company and online retailers develop one-to-one marketing plan for each customer and send them messages of special services and also give them coupons and promotions for products according to customer’s choice that they purchased frequently.  

Some companies and businesses also make one-to-one marketing plan such that this marketing strategy allow the customers to modify the products according to their own choice and requirements.  In this way each customer designs products to their own taste and choice instead of collecting information on each customer. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Why Field Marketing Is So Important

Field marketing is the type of marketing that involves work on site to connect with markets. Field marketing contains all those activities that consist of face to face communication of consumers with customers. Some big companies use this field marketing at large scale and communicate with their customers through large sales teams. While some companies that have low budget use the street promotion only.
The companies that completely depend on internet marketing for promotion or run their business use this field marketing. Sometimes field marketing is used to promote some special brands and service like food, beverages, health and beauty products, home appliances seller of mobiles and telecommunication sources.
Field marketing includes a variety of activities for their customers and if the customers are on the market place then the targets of field marketing activities are customers themselves. Many techniques are used in field marketing campaigns. A special campaign point-of-sale is done to increase the number of sales and purchase is made at any cost. Some promotional campaigns are also done to promote special products. In these promotional campaigns customers are also play an important role. They share their experience with others and tell their friends about that products and services which they like.
As you know field marketing depends on customers so the field marketing campaigns are also depends on customers and face to face communication between companies and customers. In this way product, services and brands completely rely on customers. The message is not passed through single channel but it is communicated with the help of many people who have great communication skills. So the field marketing campaigns depends on the effective training and communication of consumers.
Many techniques are used in field marketing one of them is product sampling. These types of campaigns are held on such places where the people are gathering for some special reason such as for concert, fair etc.  in this campaigns customers not purchased but only free samples are offer to customers for action. In this promotional campaigns contact form is also filled from people for future promotion.
Second type of promotion is street promotion. In this campaign some teams are send in special areas of crowed who gave people flyers about some products and services. Teams also fill forms and coupons from customers who want to communicate with company in future.
Store promotion is another type of promotion that occurs on store at any time specially when the customers are there to buy that product.  From the store promotion campaigns companies better know about that products which are famous among customers and they want to buy them. In this way companies try to make that product better than it was before.  
So field marketing is best marketing to promote your products, services and brands but also good to run a successful business.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Best Database Marketing

Database marketing is like a direct marketing which uses customer’s database to make the list for direct marketing communications. This databases consists customers name, address, phone number, e-mail and many other information that are collected from different sources such as application forms, warranty cards of products, credit cards and contest entry forms. These databases produce the list of such customers who are interested in purchasing your products or purchased and want to promote your products. And in this way these database lists helps and allow business to communicate and identify the customers for marketing.
Most of the businesses use database techniques for their direct marketing and finance campaigns. This database marketing mostly used for large businesses and firms, which have large number of customers and also can make a huge amount of database list. If your initial data and information is large then you will get more opportunities to find the group of customers and communicate them. Large companies and businesses attend direct marketing campaigns to improve their database marketing for the communication with their customers.
As customers are the most important part of direct marketing so it is very necessary to find the interest of customers. And customers must show their interest by sending the mail or comment for the products and to promote the products. The customers who are taking interest in any type of information and promotion of products are the most responsible customers. 
Some database also generates such lists of customers that show response to some specific information and for a particular message. The main purpose of database marketing is to make the strong communications with the group of customers who are really interested in this marketing campaign. You have to maintain this communication between you and your customer. If your maintenance is proper and regular then you can also delete such customers from your list who are not taking interest in your business campaigns.
As the name show that database marketing starts with data. If the data you have is very useful then your campaign must be effective. This data can be collected from large number of sources such as campaigns of free products, credit cards and purchase histories. You can also get information from customer service.

Larger companies manage their collected data through a data warehouse. This data warehouse permits to process new data for business again. If you have a large number of data then you have greater opportunities to communicate with different customers. This database generates such data that is more effective and actionable. At this point the purpose of database marketing is done. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Weebly E-Commerce Builder

We all know that we can buy and sell products online. So the website that provides you an easy way to sell your products online is Weebly E-Commerce website. Weebly E-Commerce website gives you a great experience of online shopping on mobile or tablet at your fingertips.

Shopping carts

This website tool provides you fully free shopping cart and a secure checkout. This shopping cart is set-up automatically when you start to sell products by creating your own store. For establishing the shopping cart software no technical skills are needed. 

Complete mobile store

Weebly website tool provides you a complete knowledge to make your mobile device or tablet a complete store that can work anywhere and it also help the shoppers to upload latest products images and details. This tool is designed such that to work perfectly on a small screen. 

Strong product search

Weebly tool provides you a strong and powerful product search.  It filtered all the products on the basis of color and price according to the requirements of shoppers. 

Selling of physical products

Weebly tool gives their shopper a great range for selling their products. These products can be handmade or any other physical product and services to fulfill your needs.

Search engine

Weebly E-Commerce website provides a search engine to their customers. Due to this search engine all the customers can find all search results of their own demand.

Products inventory

You have to make a list of your products and also show with them the number of remaining products of same kind and also tell to your customers which product is not more available in your store.

Display of products

Weebly tools provide a platform to display all of your products with details and videos. So your customers can easily approach to your products. And also due to this shoppers can share your products.

Weebly tool a great helper

Weebly tool help you to start your online store. If you want to open your store first time online then weebly E-Commerce website help you to achieve your goals. This E-Commerce tool is a good platform and provides a large variety of resources to run your store online.

Discounts and services

To increase the sale of your products weebly tool also gives some special discounts and services to your customers.  This services and discounts also help to attract other customers to your store and products.

Affordable website tool

Weebly E-Commerce website tool is affordable to all those sellers who have low budget. It is a big and great platform to start your own store online. 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Content Is Very Important Like A Diamond

It is obvious that for a good marketer content marketing strategy is very important. It is very important to make the strong foundation of your content marketing strategy. Here we discus that how you can make content marketing strategy.

A strategy is such a plan in which you fix time, people and some resources to reach to your goal. So we can say that capable people can use the right resources in a most efficient way and in a specific time. To make the strong foundation of your content marketing you have to concentrate on your strategy and your strategy must answer the following questions.
  1. Are you making your content marketing strategy to give benefit to your customers? 
  2. Can your strategy give the information to your customers in an interesting way?
  3. Is your strategy will find those people who are loyal to your products and business?

If you have answer of these questions then you can make a good strategy for your content marketing. For this you have to think and know that who will be responsible for promoting your content and how much money can you spend in your strategy. You have to also know about the results of your content strategy and in what time.

After making strategy the next step is to build content. For the production of content first you need a good writer who can write at any topic easily and having words from 5000 to 1000.  Second you need a great graphic designer that can make your content attractive and interesting for your customers. Third you need a best content marketer who can give a best platform for the distribution of your content.
After making a good content the next step is the promotion of your content. For this you have to make plans for attracting your readers who will come to read, share and link your content to others for promotion.  You have to make your goal for the promotion of your content such that you present your content in such a way that your readers must enjoy the content and share it with others.
So it is concluded that for a good content marketing strategy first you have to make a good strategy and secondly a great content. And after this to attract the readers towards content your promotion plan must be attractive and represent in an efficient way. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Ideology of Newsletter Marketing

We all know that many people start their online business and for the successful marketing, they also send advertisements for their business. The reason for this is that consumers want to know everything about the companies from they buy the products. They also want to know about new products and also about the new future plans of the companies.
Normally radio, print and television are used for advertising for the products to make the quick response by the customers. Companies try to make their relationship strong and more reliable with their customers. In all of these the most effective method is the use of email newsletter. It allows the companies to talk themselves and their products that don’t confront customers with sales pitches. It also makes your customers more loyal and respected.  
Newsletter marketing is the type of marketing that send the informational newsletter to some interested parties. Some companies send these newsletters through mail but most of the companies send it to their customers through email because email is the faster and cheaper way of sending newsletter.
As the customers already tell about their interest in newsletter so companies include only that things in the newsletter about what the customers want to know and that can engage the customers more with companies. Information about the company’s future plans, new products and sales are included in a single email newsletter. Email newsletter can be more detailed and informative than any other radio ad because there is no limit on the length of an email newsletter while any radio or television ad has a limited length. Email can also link the customers to the company’s official site through its multimedia aspects and due to these links customers can buy products easily and immediately when they needed.

For small businesses and for the companies with low budget used this easy and low cost marketing strategy because newsletter marketing is an easy way to remain connected with your customers while buying any radio and television ads. But large companies and businesses also used this effective strategy plan for their marketing as they have multiple products and many sales and deals offers for the customers. Also larger businesses and companies have a separate budget for making their email newsletter more attractive.  Email newsletter proved successful by the following newsletter marketing strategies.
  • Write some articles that can be published at the time when there is no content to fill the newsletter.  
  • Always try to read the newsletter of other businesses to see the types of articles and deals. 
  • Develop the relationship with other companies to know about the people interest. 
  • Try to make small newsletter that have more impact on customers. 
  • Ask the customers to suggest about new issues and comment on newsletter. 
To implement the email newsletter strategy it is necessary to know about some basic things about the customers and the marketing plan.
The first thing is to know about your customers and know what they want from this strategy. As they want to know about new products and information about company or about the special deals and offers of the company. Secondly, you have to know about the purpose of newsletter, as you want to increase your companies sales through newsletter or you want to focus on spreading the information and identity of your products or brands.  If you know these things then you can create an effective email newsletter for your company that have a great impact on customers. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Basic Information of Online Business

Doing the online business of our own likes and choice will give us lots of benefits and opportunities. There are many different ways to start your own business online. But you have to choose the best way which suits you the most and also beneficial for you. According to your products and by knowing the needs of your customers you can make the best strategy to run your business successfully.
You have to make your own business website from where the customers can get all the information about your products and services.  You also have to update new information about products and services to engage your customers and it is also necessary to make your customers loyal to your online business.

Benefits of online business

For a small business you can use only your email address for communication with your customer but for the business of large level website is needed for the marketing of your products and for the communication with customers. From the online business you can get many benefits such as it is a best way to setup and manage your business all over the world. Online business can increase your production. You can communicate with many people at a time and also can take their instant feedback. Through online business you can know the interest of your customers easily. It is the fastest way of delivery your products.  In a limited budget you can make your online business very successful.

Provide best online services

Your first purpose is to attract the customers for this you have to give best services for your business. These services give you the opportunities to attract customers towards your business.

Buying and selling online

Through the online business you can sell and customers can buy products of their own choice. Buying and selling products online can save the time and money for both customers as well as business owners. Buying and selling products also give one more benefit to you that are you don’t need any shop front for your business. Customers can buy and you can sell your products at any time of the day.

Build your business website

Customers always want to know about your products. For this they want that you give information about your products and business on internet. To share all these information, communication with your customers and for selling and buying products website is very essential for online business. To build website you have to select your domain name and then register it. Your domain name must show the type of your products so that your customers can easily find you from the search engine.  Also make sure that your domain name and business name are similar. To get your domain name on internet you need a web hosting company. Mostly internet service providers give these web hosting services.
Contents are also very important for the online business. You have to write relevant and appropriate content so that customers can easily understand about your services and products.

Promotion of online business

To promote your business online you have to make some strategies that depend on low cost budget but give many benefits. You can make some videos and images of your products and update it on your website. Also give comments to your customers what they say about your products. Give some special services and discounts to your regular and loyal customers.

For the successful online business you have to remain online on your business website to attract the customer’s attention and also give answers of their questions. This will make the trust of your customers on you stronger. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Uses of Some Tools in Digital Life

You somehow face some difficulties whenever you start to store your files online? When you try to share your screen in online meeting? And also in dealing with the clients through internet? So for your help and also to reduce your difficulties there are some tools that can manage your networking, increase your productivity, make stronger communication and also help in online storage. In short these tools can make your digital life easier.


Evernote is a productivity app that helps you in making notes through text, camera, reminders and lists. It also help you to organize all notes into notebooks for work, home, travel and also for other information. You can also use tags and places for Evernote app to make your notes easier to find. And Evernote also work with Google glass if you want to investigate any technology in future.

Google Drive

It is also a great tool with the 15 GB of free storage capacity that can be shared between Gmail, G+ photos and Google Drive. Google drive is very useful app for those who want to keep anything on Google platform.


Drop box is a wonderful tool with the storage capacity of 2GB. It can store files and photos online. You can also easily share your items with others by establishing links to any specific folder or documents. It also works great on your small screen such as mobile device and tablets.


You all are very familiar with this tool. It helps you for instant messaging, for calls and also in sharing files. It can be also work on mobile devices and tablets.


A hangout is a wonderful toolbox that helps you with a variety of options for sharing documents and fun videos with others.


Box is another method that can secure your online storage and it works with the 10 GB of storage. Box is an important tool that allows you to share documents with others, sync data between devices and it also helps to make notes.

This tool provides a best service for online meetings. You can start and can join meeting quickly.  You should have to enter meeting code and your name then you can join the meeting.


TeamViewer is the best software online meetings and supports. It can also give you the access on any computer device whenever you need. 

So these are the tools that can be used in you digital life helps you and can make your life easier. 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Importance of Online Community Marketing

It is a fundamental need to belong a community. Due to the social media and community marketing, relations with a community become so strong and easier.  Generally people receive the community support from their family members and friends but some companies also build communities for their customers.
Community marketing is such a strategy that engages the different brands and communities together. This community marketing occurs in Facebook, twitter and online messages boards. These online communities give opportunity to any company to feel itself important and can know about their needs.  Community marketing focus to makes a strong relationship with their customers while the other marketing areas such as advertising and public relations always try to add new customers. It is more important to fulfill the needs of the current customers by avoid spending money to make new customers.  
By maintaining strong relationships and connections with current customers will give the benefit to both company and customers. In the community marketing due to the strong relationship between the company and customer, company gets a strong feedback from all the customers that can give the more importance in the popularity of the company. And a customer proves their loyalty for the company.
Community marketing is very important strategy which combines social media and the companies.  Due to this community marketing the distance between the companies and their customer can be removed. And customers can prove themselves as loyal customers.
Community marketing is of two types organic and sponsored.  In organic community marketing customers interact with each other without the help and interference of product brands and company. They can interact with each other by twitter, Facebook accounts and also with the online messages. In a sponsored community marketing customers not only interact with each other but also with the brands and companies. You can build a strong relationship between the customers and the brands by answering different questions and also by giving them information. Due to this interest of company in their customers, customer gives the first importance to that company and brand.
Community marketing is important for those companies who want to maintain their customers and their needs. Customers who are comfortable with the brands and their services are more affected by community marketing. These customers also communicate for the brands and products with their friends and families through social media or face to face interaction. These customers are very loyal and very important for organic community marketing. In the marketing it is very easy to attract the attention of other customers by offering them special services and discounts.
A community can be made by the customers or by the companies and these companies are also responsible for maintaining and establishing the good image of their brands and products in the community. First a company should decide where the community has to be established. Secondly what kind of goals you want to get from the interaction with customers. And last is most important which is the community marketing campaign due to which a company raise its brands voice.

So a community marketing is very important because it is a two sided interaction between the brand and the customer. And due to these communications a brand and a company can get their achievements at some level.