Thursday, 27 November 2014

Business to Consumer Marketing

You all know that consumers purchase in much less time for sudden buy but if shopping is done for a specific thing then it can take couple of weeks or more and in best price.  In this type of purchase decision is made by two or more than two persons and also consumer want to gain some benefits from their purchase.  Consumers don’t take financial risks in shopping as it is take place in businesses. For this effective business to consumer (B2C) marketers develop some campaigns for the benefits of consumers. They help the consumers through advertising, internet, direct marketing and discount offers.
Most of the companies use B2C marketing like some computer, software, game and gadget companies use this type of marketing for their new products and tools that can make your life more easy and entertaining. These products can also solve your most of the problems.  Some restaurants and food companies also use this marketing for the reputation of their restaurants and also to market the food. Most of the clothing, jewelry and cosmetic products also market their products whenever it is changed and new things are being made. Drug companies market their drugs to the doctors through B2C marketing.
B2C marketing is effective for every company and its campaigns and marketing methods are different for all the kinds of consumers according to age and gender. B2C marketing is effective to those customers who already have a wonderful experience with a relative company and their products. And satisfied consumers can also refer the company and products to their friends and other family members. B2C marketing is best to prove the consumer’s loyalty.
To develop the successful campaigns for B2C marketing it is necessary to know some basic questions like who are the customers, what kinds of products they want to buy and in what price etc. you know that most of the people use internet in these days so to develop successful and effective campaigns you should take into account internet and social media.
Social media is the best way to communicate with customers at personal level. If a customer likes a page on facebook then all of the other can see it online. You can also create a business website for your fans that can give good response about your products and also give comments and new ideas about new campaigns.
And finally companies can also make some loyalty programs for customers by offering them special discounts to those customers who are regular customers of your company and remain in contact with you and your company and always send good comments on your site. This behavior of regular customers helps to motivate and give success to your company and business.

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