Sunday, 2 November 2014

Importance of Online Community Marketing

It is a fundamental need to belong a community. Due to the social media and community marketing, relations with a community become so strong and easier.  Generally people receive the community support from their family members and friends but some companies also build communities for their customers.
Community marketing is such a strategy that engages the different brands and communities together. This community marketing occurs in Facebook, twitter and online messages boards. These online communities give opportunity to any company to feel itself important and can know about their needs.  Community marketing focus to makes a strong relationship with their customers while the other marketing areas such as advertising and public relations always try to add new customers. It is more important to fulfill the needs of the current customers by avoid spending money to make new customers.  
By maintaining strong relationships and connections with current customers will give the benefit to both company and customers. In the community marketing due to the strong relationship between the company and customer, company gets a strong feedback from all the customers that can give the more importance in the popularity of the company. And a customer proves their loyalty for the company.
Community marketing is very important strategy which combines social media and the companies.  Due to this community marketing the distance between the companies and their customer can be removed. And customers can prove themselves as loyal customers.
Community marketing is of two types organic and sponsored.  In organic community marketing customers interact with each other without the help and interference of product brands and company. They can interact with each other by twitter, Facebook accounts and also with the online messages. In a sponsored community marketing customers not only interact with each other but also with the brands and companies. You can build a strong relationship between the customers and the brands by answering different questions and also by giving them information. Due to this interest of company in their customers, customer gives the first importance to that company and brand.
Community marketing is important for those companies who want to maintain their customers and their needs. Customers who are comfortable with the brands and their services are more affected by community marketing. These customers also communicate for the brands and products with their friends and families through social media or face to face interaction. These customers are very loyal and very important for organic community marketing. In the marketing it is very easy to attract the attention of other customers by offering them special services and discounts.
A community can be made by the customers or by the companies and these companies are also responsible for maintaining and establishing the good image of their brands and products in the community. First a company should decide where the community has to be established. Secondly what kind of goals you want to get from the interaction with customers. And last is most important which is the community marketing campaign due to which a company raise its brands voice.

So a community marketing is very important because it is a two sided interaction between the brand and the customer. And due to these communications a brand and a company can get their achievements at some level. 

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