Sunday, 23 November 2014

One to One Marketing

One-to-one marketing is a strategy that is based to get the individual choice made by customer. It is also written as 1:1 marketing. It is a great source to approach customer’s attention. There are two types of one-to-one marketing.
In first type company try to know about personal preference, taste and choice of each customer and then modify according to a customer’s requirements. It is called personalization. In second type of one-to-one marketing company doesn’t learn about each customers taste and choice but gives the customers ability to modify the products according to their own taste. This is called customization.
As you all know that shopping through internet become more famous these days so as one-to-one marketing is also become more popular. Customers remain visiting sites of online retailer where they before used to purchased different things and try to find some suggestions that a company may send to customers through message. In this way customer try to follow these suggestions for more purchase. Some companies and online retailers develop such one-to-one marketing system that follow every customer’s choice and taste according to the purchase and make a personal profile for some specific and regular customer who purchased things on online retailers. According to these profiles companies then make different marketing plans by keeping in mind the choice of each customer.
To develop a successful one-to-one marketing plan is to make a special system to learn and remember the choice and purchase of all the regular customers. In this way the companies also interact with their customers.  The online retailers can collect all the data about customers from general information or from the items they purchased. Through this companies and online retailers can develop a separate profile for each customer.  With the help of profile information, company and online retailers develop one-to-one marketing plan for each customer and send them messages of special services and also give them coupons and promotions for products according to customer’s choice that they purchased frequently.  

Some companies and businesses also make one-to-one marketing plan such that this marketing strategy allow the customers to modify the products according to their own choice and requirements.  In this way each customer designs products to their own taste and choice instead of collecting information on each customer. 

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