Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Uses of Some Tools in Digital Life

You somehow face some difficulties whenever you start to store your files online? When you try to share your screen in online meeting? And also in dealing with the clients through internet? So for your help and also to reduce your difficulties there are some tools that can manage your networking, increase your productivity, make stronger communication and also help in online storage. In short these tools can make your digital life easier.


Evernote is a productivity app that helps you in making notes through text, camera, reminders and lists. It also help you to organize all notes into notebooks for work, home, travel and also for other information. You can also use tags and places for Evernote app to make your notes easier to find. And Evernote also work with Google glass if you want to investigate any technology in future.

Google Drive

It is also a great tool with the 15 GB of free storage capacity that can be shared between Gmail, G+ photos and Google Drive. Google drive is very useful app for those who want to keep anything on Google platform.


Drop box is a wonderful tool with the storage capacity of 2GB. It can store files and photos online. You can also easily share your items with others by establishing links to any specific folder or documents. It also works great on your small screen such as mobile device and tablets.


You all are very familiar with this tool. It helps you for instant messaging, for calls and also in sharing files. It can be also work on mobile devices and tablets.


A hangout is a wonderful toolbox that helps you with a variety of options for sharing documents and fun videos with others.


Box is another method that can secure your online storage and it works with the 10 GB of storage. Box is an important tool that allows you to share documents with others, sync data between devices and it also helps to make notes.

This tool provides a best service for online meetings. You can start and can join meeting quickly.  You should have to enter meeting code and your name then you can join the meeting.


TeamViewer is the best software online meetings and supports. It can also give you the access on any computer device whenever you need. 

So these are the tools that can be used in you digital life helps you and can make your life easier. 

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