Thursday, 20 November 2014

Why Field Marketing Is So Important

Field marketing is the type of marketing that involves work on site to connect with markets. Field marketing contains all those activities that consist of face to face communication of consumers with customers. Some big companies use this field marketing at large scale and communicate with their customers through large sales teams. While some companies that have low budget use the street promotion only.
The companies that completely depend on internet marketing for promotion or run their business use this field marketing. Sometimes field marketing is used to promote some special brands and service like food, beverages, health and beauty products, home appliances seller of mobiles and telecommunication sources.
Field marketing includes a variety of activities for their customers and if the customers are on the market place then the targets of field marketing activities are customers themselves. Many techniques are used in field marketing campaigns. A special campaign point-of-sale is done to increase the number of sales and purchase is made at any cost. Some promotional campaigns are also done to promote special products. In these promotional campaigns customers are also play an important role. They share their experience with others and tell their friends about that products and services which they like.
As you know field marketing depends on customers so the field marketing campaigns are also depends on customers and face to face communication between companies and customers. In this way product, services and brands completely rely on customers. The message is not passed through single channel but it is communicated with the help of many people who have great communication skills. So the field marketing campaigns depends on the effective training and communication of consumers.
Many techniques are used in field marketing one of them is product sampling. These types of campaigns are held on such places where the people are gathering for some special reason such as for concert, fair etc.  in this campaigns customers not purchased but only free samples are offer to customers for action. In this promotional campaigns contact form is also filled from people for future promotion.
Second type of promotion is street promotion. In this campaign some teams are send in special areas of crowed who gave people flyers about some products and services. Teams also fill forms and coupons from customers who want to communicate with company in future.
Store promotion is another type of promotion that occurs on store at any time specially when the customers are there to buy that product.  From the store promotion campaigns companies better know about that products which are famous among customers and they want to buy them. In this way companies try to make that product better than it was before.  
So field marketing is best marketing to promote your products, services and brands but also good to run a successful business.

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