Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization was made to drag traffic from social media sites such as social networks. But now social optimization is more important because performance of SEO is improved just because of social media optimization and SMO also drive traffic from direct social sites. Social media optimization is very similar to search engine optimization because the main purpose in both is to generate awareness for website and traffic.
Social media optimization becomes more important for search engine optimization day by day because search engines increasingly use the recommendation of social network users such as Facebook, Google plus and Twitter to rank the result pages in search engine. SEO does not concerned for quality of content but SMO focus on the quality of content. That’s why social media optimization improve the performance as search engine to increase the ranking of result page.
One can improve their social media optimization by the following ways.
First of all develop your reliable reputation. It means you have to focus o the quality of content and produce original content. Your reputation can help you to improve social media optimization if you are sharing your content and engage other people through discussions and by helping others.
Second you need to engage the other people by liking, commenting and sharing. You should target the network through which you want to interact with the people and that is the easy way of interaction. People have to make different accounts through these accounts they can comment on your content.
Third aspect is very important that is authority. Search engine are always interested in knowing what people and brands are more trusted by other people through internet and on social networks. You have to be prominent on social networks. The best way for this is Google Authorship. With the help of Google Authorship you can show your profile prominently in search results. You can also improve your authority and your content by sharing on Twitter, bookmarks and Google plus.
Leadership is also a way to improve social media optimization (SMO). This quality helps you to find the interesting topics of contents that audience wants to read on social network.
The other way to improve social media optimization (SMO) is to build good quality social networks for this you have to focus on quality rather than quantity. So we can say that it is the best way of interaction and to engage the people on large scale.
Another way for social media optimization (SMO) is to select the best media platforms. You have to target the media platform through which you can easily interact and can engage the people.  One of the most effective platform that improve the SEO benefits of social media optimization (SMO) is Google plus.
Optimization is another step for the effective working of social media optimization (SMO) is to focus on technical aspect to improve optimization.

So through all these things you can improve the working of social media optimization (SMO). And also you can drag the traffic from social networks. 


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