Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Game Based Marketing

All we know that people always need something of entertainment in their free time. Entertainment may be of any type like songs, movie, cartoons and games also. Games are very popular to entertain the people of any age like children, young and even old. In these days people used to play games in free time in their smart phones.  These games allow the gamers to enter in new universe to engage themselves with new stories, sounds and sights. We know these days the quantity of people who play games are increasing day by day because of the quality of games are improved.
Game based marketing is the type of marketing due to which advertisers can promote their products and business through games. Game based marketing permits the advertisers to pay to advertise their names and product features in digital games. For example racing games are used to feature the real cars. Advertisers should be creative to integrate ads into games. Game based marketing is very effective and adventures for the creative marketers.
Game based marketing give a number of advantages to advertise in video games. The advertising in video games should be suitable and creative rather than bombarding gamers with logos. In this way the gamers may be irritated with ads. Some advertisers develop their own games for the purpose of marketing. Some advertisers develop the games by scenes of favorite movies. This type of marketing should be more impressive than any other marketing.
Actually game based marketing is a strategy used by major corporations. But mostly game based marketing is used by the small or midsized business. Advertisers make their contracts and agreements with game developers. But as the industries grow and level of advertising also improves, soon game based marketing is used by all sized companies.
Like all other marketing ways game based marketing is also planed first before action. It is easy to place ads in already existing games instead of designing new games. The most important step of game based marketing is to select right game for right product.  Game based marketers research what type of products are more liked by the customers and then find what games they most liked to play.
The marketers who design their own games then they should keep the balance between product features and game type. After selecting the games ads are placed. Usually ads are linked with pages where customers can purchase products and can get information about products.

So we can say that game based marketing is very interesting and creative way to promote business and products. 


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