Thursday, 22 January 2015

Social Media in Education

Social media plays an important role in education. To see the effect of social media in education freedom should be given to the teachers to use social media to adopt modern technologies to improve the way of teachings and also give freedom to students to use social media to engage with teachers.
Most of the universities and education departments use social media to show their course and to attract the student’s attention. To see and observe the effect of social media in education you should observe how much students are engaged with different social networks.


First ask to your students that what would they like, lecture of teachers in the classroom or video of the same lecture in your computer. It is obvious that students prefer the lecture that they have on their computer because they can rewind the video of lecture on computer but not in the classroom.  Students can’t ask the teacher to repeat the lecture more than a limited number. So it is the best way of teaching in which you can pause the lecture when you want and can write some important points of the lecture. For video lectures YouTube social site is used.


Teachers and students can make their own learning network with the help of twitter. With the help of these learning networks teachers and students can communicate with those people in the world who help them in their learning and teaching experience.


Teachers use instagram to share information and connect with students and other teachers. Instagram give the opportunity to the educators to share information with other students and educators and to engage the students with one another in all over the world.


Facebook is very important and famous among people because facebook based on real names and identities so connections on facebook are also real.  On facebook communication with teachers is very easy and students can engage with each other and also with teachers at large scale.

So we can say that social media play an important role in education to engage the students and to share the information. Social media in education provides the teachers opportunities to use modern techniques to improve the teaching methods. 


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